01 May 2018

So, How Are Things?

This post comes from a need to say something, anything - just to say something.  I usually want to say something political, and that is what is utmost on my mind. 

I watched two Matt Dillahunty posts this afternoon.  He first discussed his debates about "Magic and Skepticism", then he critiqued his debate with Dr. Jordan Peterson.  Matt is awesome.

I also follow Aron Ra.  He has a great series about the systematic classification of life.  This guy really knows his stuff.

Well, that is it for now.  I just wanted to document these random thoughts.

29 October 2016

Checkin' In ...

I have done a shitty job of writing this blog (obviously). Anyway, here is an update: I have a new job, as of 1 August 2016. I'm working for Comcar Industries, Inc. I have always wanted to learn about logistics and with this company, I am. My boss has only been here three months before me, so we're both learning. He does have lots of trucking logistics experience, and he has a great managerial style too.

There are only a handful of other developer types here at Comcar. We have lots of legacy HPUX C code and it's a challenge to maintain a codebase from 1993! But it's a great place to spend my last programming years.

There are many employees that have over 40 years of service with Comcar! That says a lot about the culture of the company. One would think that people would be stodgy. But there are a lot of new HR concepts that are being implemented and most of the people seem to go with the flow.

06 October 2015

Looking for a New Job (Again) ...

Well, it's happened once again: Verifone laid-me off yesterday. So, if anyone needs a UNIX/Linux C++ developer, let me know!

29 July 2015

Happy Belated Birthday, Vanessa

My first daughter, Vanessa was born July 27th. I am late wishing her a Happy Birthday.

I have been late for several years when it comes to dealing with Vanessa.

We have drifted apart, and I am extremely heartsick because of it.

Vanessa, if you read this, please call me!!! Please know that I really do love you, my Little PunkABee!!!


Happy Birthday, Vanessa!!!

28 February 2015

Goodbye, Mr. Spock

Leonard Nimoy died yesterday at age 83. He had a very serious case of COPD and it finally took his life.

The nine-year-old Keith took it pretty hard. I heard a few people at work actually gasp out loud when they heard the news.

I'm glad he is finally at rest.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock 1967
Live Long, and Prosper, Mr. Spock.

By NBC Television (ebay item front release) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

24 January 2015

A New Beginning ... (cue the sappy music)

On Monday, I start work at my new job with Verifone. I'll be working in the Petroleum and Convenience Store section.

I'm really grateful to three good friends who gave me great references during the hiring process:

  • Martin Roberts
  • Doug Bormann
  • Joel Reece
Thanks, guys!

19 January 2015

It Was Twenty-Five Years Ago um, the Other Day ...

Cheryl and I just celebrated our 25th-wedding anniversary back on 12 January 2015. My has time flown by. I sure love her!